Automatics & Self Service


Our two automatic bays feature the Vector touchless system which washes your car thoroughly with significantly less potential for vehicle damage than a conventional brush system. This state of the art system offers those customers that find brush washes confining a less intimidating experience since our equipment never comes in contact with your vehicle. Another benefit of this system is the convenience to our customers. You can wash 24 Hours a day!


Our state of the art system was the first of its kind installed in the State of Maine.  We pride ourselves on keeping our equipment up to date and maintain a close relationship with the manufacturing engineer and technical support team. Recent updates include the XR package that enhances our wash ability with triple foam conditioners.  And our new Virtual Positioning System which allows easier positioning of your vehicle within the wash.


We offer two self-service bays featuring Carolina Pride equipment. Our bay length is 34 feet and our door clearance is 10 foot 6 inches, a little longer and taller than the average.  High suction vacuums and car care vending are conveniently located throughout the premises.

Payment Options

We offer you many options for payment including cash, coin, Visa, MasterCard and our wash coupons, codes and cards that can be purchased at a discounted price.

Gift Certificates

Get a gift certificate for any amount Great idea for detail packages !